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Impacts of current and future large dams on the geographic range connectivity of freshwater fish worldwide (Academic Research)

“Freshwater fish are highly threatened by dams that disrupt the longitudinal connectivity of rivers and may consequently impede fish movements to feeding and spawning grounds. In a comprehensive global analysis covering∼10,000 freshwater fish species and∼40,000 existing large dams we identified the most disconnected geographical ranges for species in the United States, Europe, South Africa, India,…

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History’s industrial strategy haunts us today (Article)

“First came 50 years of progress. Then came 50 years of dead fish, stagnant water, methylmercury poisoning, silt buildup and dams collapsing.”   Allan Bonner reacts to the recent announcement that the Campbell Creek Dam in Fredericton will be removed, looking at why the dam was built, why it remained derelict for so long, and…

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Is dam removal the wave of the future? (Article)

“Research suggests it makes more ecological and economic sense to dismantle dams than to restore or maintain them.”   Allan Bonner explores the impact on nearby residents of dams, including the unequal distribution of costs and benefits where the beneficiaries are far away while nearby residents pay the price — and whether we might be…

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