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Archive for July 2021

Professors promote science as a tool for Indigenous governance | Troy Media

By Kate Black | University of Alberta Kim TallBear and Jessica Kolopenuk are addressing increasing demands for Indigenous governance in STEM. It’s a common misconception, Dr. Kim TallBear says, that while Indigenous peoples have culture and tradition, white people own science and technology. As TallBear mentions in a video trailer for one of the Faculty of Native Studies’…

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Ken Coates Discusses Impact of The Indian Act on Indigenous Peoples

“Partnerships with Indigenous Peoples in the future.” The Indian Act set rules and regulations of what Indigenous People could and could not do. Ken discusses its how it impacted and set a limited range of opportunities for them. Ken Coates Director of Aboriginal Canadian Natural Resources Canada Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation Johnson-Shoyama Graduate…

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Ecosystem approach being used to bring bioregional change | The Quoddy Tides

By Edward French | The Quoddy Tides An organization advocating for an ecosystem approach to help bring about the changes needed for a sustainable future on Earth has been working for over a decade with groups around the world, including in the Passamaquoddy Bay region. SustainaMetrix LLC, which is committed to developing and applying transformative…

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