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Archive for August 2021

What if money is not the answer for Indigenous communities?

By Ken Coates | TroyMedia     The feds tend to use money as a surrogate to real commitment The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made extraordinary financial commitments to Indigenous peoples in Canada. The number and scale of the allocations over the past few years have been staggering, both in comparative and absolute…

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Jeff Corntassel: Understanding Indigenous International Relations

Jeff Corntassel is from the Cherokee First Nation, an Indigenous Studies professor at University of Victoria discusses the importance of Indigenous International Relations with Allan Bonner. He explores the relations around Indigenous resurgence, climate change, gender, and community well-being. Read Jeff’s article: “Life Beyond the State: Regenerating Indigenous International Relations and Everyday Challenges to Settler…

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When Two Worlds Collide

By Doreen Barrie FOREWORD The following analysis might sound like a sweeping denunciation of Western culture and values. However, that is not my intention and I hope it will not be taken as such. My primary intent was to explore Indigenous ways of knowing and living and to compare them with those in Europe when…

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Indigenous cultural burning can boost biodiversity, help fight forest fires: Canadian study

By Kate Bueckert | CBC News There’s frustration ‘elders and our knowledge keepers weren’t listened to,’ scientist says. Forest fires and wildfires now posing concerns in parts of Canada highlight the complicated relationship people have with fire, says the co-author of a new University of Waterloo study that indicates Indigenous fire practices can actually help fight them. There was…

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Peskotomuhkati elder puts modern spin on wampum keeping | CBC News

By Jennifer Sweet  |  CBC News            Donald Soctomah brings lost history back to his people   Last in a series of weekly stories about Wabanaki elders — knowledge keepers, teachers, healers and spiritual guides — who have made remarkable contributions in their own communities and beyond. Donald Soctomah is a Peskotomuhkati,…

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