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Archive for October 2021

Indigenous peoples also have the right to say “yes” to resource projects

By Ken Coates | TroyMedia End the ideological posturing that has proved so detrimental to Indigenous rights For the last few decades, Indigenous communities have fought for the right to have a say in resource projects. In earlier generations, major resource and infrastructure projects were imposed on traditional territories without consultation, engagement, and collaboration. In some…

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Dr. Roslyn Kunin: The impact the pandemic had on the economy

Dr. Roslyn Kunin, an economist speaker, President of Roslyn Kunin & Associates Inc. Economic Consulting. She has written extensively on economic issues the pandemic, on unemployment, the effect on Indigenous communities and more. Does productivity increase with change? Government spending? Indigenous future, tourism, and employment Take a look at some of Dr. Roslyn Kunin’s recent…

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Who lives on a bed of rock under the bay? | CBC News

By Jennifer Sweet | CBC News It’s not SpongeBob SquarePants, but a brand new kind of sea sponge discovered near Deer Island. A new species of sea sponge has been discovered in the Bay of Fundy. Crellomima mehqisinpekonuta is a bright orange creature that grows on ocean bedrock in thin crusts up to 30 cm across.…

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