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Posts by Peskotomuhkati Nation

Due Diligence Talk

Hear lead negotiator Paul Williams boil down our 16 page frame work agreement and its 52 paragraphs into plan language. This document will guide Pekotomuhkati (Passamaquoddy) negotiations with Canada and New Brunswick. Join in the conversation.

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Anil Podcast

This podcast deals with negotiations of a different kind. The Peskotomuhkati Nation is excited about the impending framework agreement which will govern future negotiations with all Passamaquoddy communities with New Brunswick and Canada.  Here, retired policy Inspector Anil Anand speaks about what Canada has borrowed from Indigenous law, reconciliation, and culture.

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Anil Anand Interview

Retired police inspector Anil Anand found that police had little training or even authority to deal with some of the Indigenous issues he dealt with in his career. This motivated him to study Indigenous culture, including in the Osgoode Hall Law School Master’s programme. He has an interesting perspective on the constitutional basis of negotiations…

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Paul Williams Interview 1

Hear how a two-year process was actually very fast when it comes to our proposed agreement with Canada and New Brunswick. It defines role and goals, the process and content of our negotiations on lands and rights. This is an agreement between Nations, and we can be proud of it. Lead Negotiator Paul Williams explains…

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Indigenous Health Podcast

Listen in to Dr. Melanie Jeffrey in conversation about Passamaquoddy health issues. Without her knowing, her perspective is very valuable as we also hear about our framework agreement and how that will govern Peskotomuhkati negotiations with Canada and New Brunswick. Listen to the podcast and watch the videos.

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