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Follow our Indigenous neighbours to a carbon-neutral future

By Gerry Chidiac | TroyMedia The Wet’suwet’en are trying to preserve our planet in the face of the oil industry trying to amass profit     A major issue is getting surprisingly little coverage in the Canadian media. While we looked away to watch the impact of the climate crisis on farmland in southern British…

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Rights are recognized at last | Pictou Advocate

By Hugh Akagi, Pictou Advocate May 5, 2021 Canadian Supreme Court decision will have effects on many Indigenous people now living in America It’s not often that a Supreme Court of Canada ruling affects you, your neighbours, and your family. But that’s the case last week. The court has ruled that a man living in…

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Ministers Island works on livelier, tastier offerings and a longer season | CBC

By Isabelle Leger | CBC News Chef at new restaurant will serve guests under the island’s marquee tent, with a capacity of 50 After years of restoration work, Ministers Island is ready to celebrate with restaurant-style dining, entertainment and history brought to life. The Saint Andrews island, notable for its access road that stretches along…

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Youth Employment and Skills Strategy: Parks Canada

Background The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) is a Federal Government initiative targeting Canadians youths aged 15 to 30. It supports the creation of job opportunities, focusing on young people facing barriers. The purpose is to increase employment for youth, enabling them to gain work experience, skills, and to expand networks. This initiative will…

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