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New public space name in Saint John, N.B. honours city’s Indigenous roots | CTV News

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By: Nick Moore | CTV News

Public space within the Fundy Quay property will be called ‘Ihtoli-maqahamok – The Gathering Space.’

Ihtoli-maqahamok is the Wolastoqey term for “gathering space.”

Saint John city councillors unanimously approved the new name on Tuesday.

The Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick were consulted by the committee in developing the recommendation of Ihtoli-maqahamok.

The location of the Fundy Quay property was historically a hub for Indigenous culture, trade, and transportation.

“The care displayed by Saint John’s Common Council, city staff, and Civic Commemoration Committee to work with the Wolastoqey and to educate those who will benefit from the site should be commended,” says Darrah Beaver, executive director of the Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick.

A communication’s strategy has been developed by city hall to cement the new name, with radio advertisements repeating its proper pronunciation (ee-doe-lee MAH-qwah-HA-muck).

“I want us to be able to do it in a respectful way,” said councillor Paula Radwan, at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Hickey acknowledged there may be a “learning curve,” making note of current mispronunciations of ‘Fundy Quay.’

“But it’s also a city with Manawagonish Road and Kennebecasis Drive,” says Hickey. “I’m confident we’ll be able to deal with that.”

Construction of the space, which will include a skating rink, performance stage, and permanent patios, is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

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