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Welcome to Canada’s First Nations Renaissance

A new generation of First Nations leaders are showing us how to make the capitalist system work for the entire community   Chief Reginald Bellerose of the Muskowekwan First Nation spoke with obvious pride as he explained his vision of a new and better future for his people. I was standing with the Chief on…

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History Shows a Path to Resolve Lobster Fisheries Dispute

Non-Indigenous fishers in Atlantic region need not be worried that Indigenous rights will come at the expense of conservation A dispute in Ontario may help us understand ongoing tensions over the lobster fisheries on the East Coast and offer a solution. The war over Indigenous fishing rights has played out before in Canada. As we…

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How to Support Indigenous Entrepreneurs on The Road to Success

Business leaders should help build up capacity through mentorship and coaching, then start looking to spend at Indigenous suppliers Jeff and William approached me in the fall of 2019 about helping with their ecotourism business. They started the business in 2014 and wanted help growing it and getting more clients. They felt if they could…

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