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Oil and gas provides nothing but opportunity for Indigenous peoples

By Jordan Jolicoeur | TroyMedia The success of the industry is a success for Indigenous people   I learned from my dad about sharing opportunities and lending a helping hand. That principle of generosity now sets the tone for my business and its interactions with customers. The oil and natural gas industry has provided opportunities for…

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Indigenous peoples also have the right to say “yes” to resource projects

By Ken Coates | TroyMedia End the ideological posturing that has proved so detrimental to Indigenous rights For the last few decades, Indigenous communities have fought for the right to have a say in resource projects. In earlier generations, major resource and infrastructure projects were imposed on traditional territories without consultation, engagement, and collaboration. In some…

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What can we expect from our leaders on Indigenous issues?

By Gerry Chidiac | TroyMedia The parties’ records over the last 13 years are revealing If Canadians are as concerned as they claim about the increasing number of unmarked graves found near former residential schools, the 2021 federal election will be pivotal. Each of the major political parties displays a clear track record exposing their views…

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What if money is not the answer for Indigenous communities?

By Ken Coates | TroyMedia     The feds tend to use money as a surrogate to real commitment The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made extraordinary financial commitments to Indigenous peoples in Canada. The number and scale of the allocations over the past few years have been staggering, both in comparative and absolute…

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Historic Recordings Revitalize Language For Passamaquoddy Tribal Members | NPR

  Transcript MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Some of the oldest audio recordings in the world have been digitally restored and returned to the descendants of the people who made them, the Passamaquoddy tribe of eastern Maine. Now younger members of the tribe are learning songs and stories once thought to be forever lost. Reporter Erin…

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Indigenous Language Learning Made Easy Through Technology | Troy Media

By Anna Holtby | Troy Media After finding few digital resources available, Delaney Lothian decided to create a game and app for learning Cree language Delaney Lothian jumped at the chance to take an introductory Cree language course – an opportunity to expand beyond the programming languages of her computing science major at the University…

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