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Supreme Court ruling could help Indigenous people on Maine border

By: Jacques Poitras   The Peskotomuhkati traditional territory straddles New Brunswick-Maine border Chief Hugh Akagi said he hopes the recent Supreme Court ruling will reinforce the belief that the Peskotomuhkati nation is ‘one people.’ A Supreme Court of Canada ruling extending Aboriginal rights to some non-Canadian Indigenous people could have wide-ranging implications for the Peskotomuhkati living…

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Canadian Supreme Court Decision will Have Effects on Many Indigenous People Now Living in America—including Peskotomuhkati in Maine

The recent Supreme Court decision about Indigenous rights on the west coast will have positive implications for Peskotomuhkati rights on the east coast.  The ruling upheld the rights of an Indigenous man living in Washington State to exercise his rights in British Columbia. Richard Desautel has those rights because his ancestors came from what is…

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