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Watch S2 E4 “Language Is Life”on PBS’ “Native America” | Donald Soctomah and Dwayne Tomah on Reviving the Passamaquoddy Language

“Language Is Life” a 53 minute episode by PBS’ “Native America” Series. Episode 4 has just been released featuring Dwayne Tomah, Donald Soctomah, Madonna Soctomah, and many of our fellow Peskotomuhkati family on preserving our Native language.

As viewers are taken on a journey with Donald Soctomah and Dwayne Tomah, Passamaquoddy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Passamaquoddy Language Keepers and Museum Directors, they will gain insight into the challenges faced by Indigenous communities, the importance of linguistic preservation, and the ongoing struggle for justice. They show the remarkable discovery of the 130-year-old wax cylinder recordings.

In a world where cultural diversity is a source of strength, the efforts of individuals like Donald Soctomah and Dwayne Tomah to preserve the Passamaquoddy language and reclaim stolen land are both inspiring and necessary. The upcoming episode promises not only to entertain but also to educate and provoke thought on the importance of preserving linguistic and cultural heritage. As we tune in to witness this journey, let us reflect on our collective responsibility to support and uplift the voices of Indigenous communities, ensuring that their stories are told, heard, and celebrated.