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Engraved Plaque on Log Wood Wall
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Sponsor A Room at the Lodge


You can leave an indelible mark on the revitalization of the Lodge by sponsoring one of many rooms. You or a loved one’s name will be etched on a plaque and installed on the entrance of the room of your choice.

Rooms include a library, named in your honour, the Negotiation room, Artefact room, Chief’s room, the room for Women and Girls, and many others.

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The Peskotomuhkati Lodge: A Safe Space for Healing and Cultural Preservation

Also known as “Camp Chiputneticook”, this land was in private hands for about 100 years and was transferred to the Peskotomuhkati Nation in 2018.

The Main Lodge is a 2-story building with 10 bedrooms and 5 outbuildings, a dock, lake on the property and kilometers of walking trails on 2500 acres along the Skutik River (part of the St. Croix River watershed, near St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada).

The Lodge is a centre of learning, wellness, healing, and community engagement. Community meetings are held there and the Nation plans to migrate its video-based learning series to live lectures and residencies in the Lodge.

History in Every Detail

The historical artefacts have been captured in high-resolution, showcasing each item in detail to document its exquisite craftsmanship and significant story. From hand-carved birchbark baskets used as practical tools for survival, to ceremonial objects that help stamp a time in history, they have transcended their original purposes, evolving into beautiful works of art. They serve as tangible historical records of an intimate understanding of the natural environment and the mastery of survival craftsmanship.

These artefacts are now being restored and are showcased in Canada’s National Museum of History in Ottawa, Ontario.

You’re not only honouring the Peskotomuhkati Nation’s history but also supporting the preservation of their cultural heritage. A portion of your purchase goes towards initiatives that benefit the community and their traditions.

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Rooms Available to Sponsor

Library, Negotiation Room, Artefact Room, Chief's Room, Women and Girls, Balcony, Rear Porch